Profile URL:

The Profile URL is the initial profile you set up on the Pozible platform. You will choose your public display name when you create your profile initially, which will be used in the target URL for your profile. This link is beneficial for: 

  • Linking back to all previous projects if you have multiple campaigns.
  • Provide social/website links to all your supporters.
  • Keep up with your community of all supporters from past projects and share new updates with them.
  • Page traffic/visitors tracking visible on the Dashboard is run from this page, provides an overview of how many views your Profile page has during different periods.

Project URL:

The Project URL however, is for the specific campaign you are running. This will be created from the Title of your project. Once you have created this, you will not be able to change it. This will be used:

  • Specifically for the Project which will be taken from the campaign title.
  • Will be the 'legacy' page once your campaign has ended, meaning you can direct people here to view the campaign once it has finished.

Both URL's will be available and discoverable during your crowdfunding campaign, but the main link will be to your Profile page. This is the link we will feature on our homepage and on any trending pages. 

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