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Can I set up a limit on physical rewards?
Can I set up a limit on physical rewards?

How to get the most out of your rewards.

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With the rewards feature that we offer, you are able to create unique ways to thank your supporters. One of the ways to do this is with tangible rewards, i.e. a pre-ordered copy of your new book. 

If you need to manage the inventory of your rewards if you only have a finite amount of product. You can do this by heading to the rewards section of the project editor. 

Click on the 'edit reward' button underneath the specific reward. 

You will see the box allowing you to input the Total Number Available and Max Quantity Per Pledge. This will allow you to limit the total amount of times that this individual reward can be pledged. You can also choose to limit how many rewards a single person can pledge at any one time if you choose to. The default is set to unlimited, simply uncheck the box to enter in your desired amount.

Remember you can come back here at any time during your campaign if your stock levels are running low and decrease the limits set to any of your rewards. 

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