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How to format images in Project Description
How to format images in Project Description

How to edit, align and format images in the project editor.

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Once you have started to edit your project description, you will have some images ready to upload. We recommend using lots of high-quality and interesting images for your supporters to engage with. 

800px - 1000px is the max dimensions for your image to take up the full width of the description. 

Head to your project editor and open the description section.

Once you have the section where you want to put your image, click on the upload image button.

Once your image has uploaded, you can now change the alignment and size it will appear in your project. 

To align your image, select from Left, Centred or Right alignment. 

If you need to resize, you can enter in the exact width and height in pixels. Note, the largest width you can make an image is 1000px. 

Add alternative text to describe the image for visually impaired or for slower internet connections. 

Replace the image with another one of you feel something would better suit that section. 

You can delete the image if it is now working by clicking the bin. 

Good luck with editing you photos!

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