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What each option means in the Project Editor text input fields.

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So you see these options when setting up your project, but you're not quite sure what each of them mean, or how to make the most of them to ensure your project looks the best it can? We'll take you through what each of them mean!


This one emboldens highlighted text like this.


This one italicises the highlighted text like this.


This one underlines the highlighted text.

Text Alignment

Left, centre or right align your text.

This formats your text like a header:


If you'd like to create a numbered list.

Bullet Points

Alternatively, create a bulleted list.

Insert a hyperlink into your description by highlighting the section desired, clicking this, and inserting the desired link.


Insert an image into your description.


Embed a video into your description.


Undo or redo the last edit you've made.


Make the input field larger, if desired.

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