Image Dimensions

A guide to all the image dimensions you might need on Pozible!

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Your Profile

Profile Image:

  • Square images look best

  • Minimum 200px by 200px

  • Maximum file size is 2MB

Header Image:

  • Landscape images, with little to no text are ideal

  • Minimum 1920px by 1080px

  • Maximum file size is 2MB

Your Campaign

Hero Image:

  • Try to avoid including any text on this image as the campaign title is overlayed

  • Minimum is 1200px by 885px

  • Maximum file size is 2MB

Reward Images:

  • The bottom of the image will be slightly obscured when not zoomed in, so keep any text that needs to be obvious toward the top of the image

  • Minimum is 600px by 600px (for best results, use 688 x 600)

  • Maximum file size is 2MB

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