Platform name

Create a unique name for your platform.   


Create a unique and catchy tagline which will appear under the logo on your home page. To make sure this is centred on the page use approximately 37 characters.  

Custom URL

Your custom URL will be your

Publish/Unpublish Button

If you would like your platform to partner with Pozible you can publish it to the Pozible site. This means that you will be registered as a partner with Pozible.   

Save and Continue

Remember to press save to make sure everything is published to your platform. Use the “Go to Platform” link in the header to view your changes.  

Did you know you can embed your platform into your current website and even host your own domain? Here is how: 

Point Subdomain: 

Subdomain 1 Record required: + CNAME Record for (pointing to where xxxx is the subdomain name.

Full domain 2 Records Required: + A Record ("" pointing to + CNAME Record for "" (pointing to   Once you have done the above, enter your URL into the your admin section:  

 **Embed into current website 


Bear in mind it is not recommended to make a pledge from the iframe, it is merely used just to show how the platform looks like.

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