When you review a project you have the ability to reject or approve it for launch.

Ticking the listed boxes will also allow project creators to receive valuable feedback on their project before they launch. You can also add your own comments in the custom feedback space. 


Look who’s done their homework? Well done, you’re ready to launch! Now the real work begins... If you want to talk strategy and get a little advice from one of our campaign advising pros over at Pozible, book a phone chat in at www.pozible.com/talk.

ID fail or under 18

As mentioned in our project guidelines - we need to see the whole image of an official current ID (license, passport or similar) showing your Date of Birth, the Card Number and Validity/ Expiration date. You need to be over 18 years of age to run a project on Base. And if you are under 18, you can get a parent or guardian to provide their ID and vouch for your project.

Video - None

You don't *have* to have a video, but 80-90% of successful projects do... Projects with video have a much higher chance of success. Keep it under 2 minutes, speak directly to the camera, let people connect with the real you.

Rewards - too few

You could expand your reward system a bit - crowdfunding works when you provide incentives for people to support you. We recommend 5-7 rewards, keep in mind that the most common pledges are $50, $25, $100 (in that order) - make sure you have these ones covered at least. Get creative!

Rewards - too many

Remember you’ll have to pay the postage costs for delivering any physical rewards from your total. Try to keep it simple and clear, we recommend 5-7 rewards and keep in mind the most common pledge amounts are $25, $50 and $100 - make sure you have these covered. Get creative!

Description - more images

What's that old saying, "An image says 1000 words"... Try to add a few more photos, graphics and infographs into your description if possible. People are lazy and graphics are a great way of communicating an idea quickly and keeping people's attention.

Description - Costs

Explain where the money will go, include a cost breakdown if you can, bullet points are great but pie charts are ideal. Transparency and openness build trust and are key to crowdfunding success.


You display more professionalism and credibility when your writing is clean and clear. It can help to get a friend to proof-read your writing, or spellcheck at the very least.

Vague project

Your project doesn’t have a clear enough goal or outcome. Vague or general appeals for support are not permitted. Pozible is for projects - doing a specific thing, to be delivered within a specific time frame.

$1 Reward

Transaction fees charged by our merchant for credit card pledges are 2.4% + 30c (Aus card) and 3.4% +30c (International card). It’s worth raising your minimum reward to something between $5 and $25. If people are willing to go to the effort of pledging $1 it is likely they will pledge a few dollars more!

Video embed broken

Check your video link! Make sure it isn't set to private on your video hosting site.

Whoops. Check all your URLs/links to make sure they work before launching your project.


You can only offer alcohol as a reward if you have the relevant liquor license applying to all States and Territories where the rewards are available. More info about alcohol rules here.

Financial reward

Base does not currently offer equity-based crowdfunding. You can’t offer shares, dividends or any other financial rewards at this time.


No betting or gaming rewards are permitted on Base. This includes raffle tickets or ‘entries into a draw to win something’.

DGR Status

Your project generally can’t be raising funds for charity. But, if you DO have accredited DGR status, you may offer tax deductible receipts instead of rewards (not both).

Long Video

Did you know the average time spent by new visitors to your campaign is under 3 minutes? Keep your video short, and try to vary up the shots a little – even basic editing is more interesting than just watching one person talk. Grab their attention!

Image - Low Res

Your pics are a bit pixelly. It looks more professional if your stuff is at the right resolution. Check your res or get someone to help you with resizing images.

Sexual content

Easy, tiger. Your project can’t include sexually explicit material, conduct or reward offers. Have a cold shower.

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