Primary Color — HEX value ie. #00B5BA. (See

Upload Logo 1 — Light or White Version.

Upload Logo 2 — Dark or Black Version.

Tagline — This is a short description of platform ie. "We crowdfunding for Melbourne projects".

Header Image — Recommend width: 1400px, height: 450px.

Header Image Colour — Used to lighten/darken or tint the Header image.

Favicon — Not required. Recommend square icon width: 200px, height: 200px.

Support Email — where transactional emails come from.

Terms Link — Default is "/base-terms".

Privacy Link — Default is "/base-privacy".

Fees Link — Default is "/about#fees".


Meta Title — Typically the same as Tagline above.

Meta Description — Use for SEO purposes (see


Allow Flexible Funding — Should you platform allow projects to keep the funds when target is not met?

Mirror Projects Onto Pozible — Do you want your projects to appear on

Add Link Names and URL for all footer links (do not include social links here).

Social Links are separate to Footer Links - so add these in this section.

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