You have now created your very own crowdfunding platform.

Before we grant you access to the platform admin settings - familiarise yourself with the front end and start collect the following content / visuals / photo's needed to style and brand you platform. Also, visit our guide on Base Features and some Uses of Base to inspire and guide you.

Next Step

We'll email the platform settings link to login to Admin.

These are the things you'll need to setup:

Click here for full platform specifications

1. Your Logo (we need a light and dark version of the logo)

2. Your Caption ie. "Crowdfunding for XXXXX"

3. A high resolution photo or image for header background

4. Your brand color (see the create page below to view the header color)

Advanced Settings

5. Page content (ie. About Us, How it works)

6. Footer Links to relevant pages

7. Social Profile Links

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