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Pozible is a crowdfunding platform for raising money and building a community for your projects and ideas. Pozible is open to projects of all shapes and sizes, so we have some general guidelines (and some non-negotiable rules) for running your crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re not sure whether your project fits our guidelines or is suitable for crowdfunding, start here. 

All or Nothing

The main type of campaigns on Pozible is All-or-Nothing. All-or-Nothing campaigns require project creators to set a funding target at the start of their project. This cannot be changed once the project is live. Funds are only successfully transferred to the project creator if the funding target is reached within the campaign duration.

Pozible projects must: 

1) Be Project-Based - all Pozible crowdfunding campaigns must aim to fund a project. That is; the campaign must have a clearly defined outcome, timeframe and goal.

Usually, this is a creative outcome (e.g. a film, album, book, theatre production, exhibition, residency, event, app or game).

The project may also have:

  • A community outcome (i.e. for a sporting club or community group)

  • An environmental outcome (i.e. community garden, solar technology)

  • An educational outcome (i.e. schools, kindergartens, neighbourhood housing)

  • An innovative outcome (i.e. a start-up business, a new product, medical research or technological advance)

Pozible used to be solely for creative stuff, but we noticed people using the flexibility of crowdfunding in innovative ways for some awesome projects. Whatever your project goal, explain clearly what your funds go towards, have a set target and say when you’ll do what.

2. Fit Into A Pozible Category - Projects must fit a Pozible category. This helps when people are browsing projects on the site and via search. If you're not sure what category your campaign may fit into, get in touch with our friendly team.


If your organisation has DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status, you can use it with your Pozible project and issue a tax-deductible receipt to your supporters. It is your responsibility to make sure your organisation currently hold a valid DGR status before you choose this option for your campaign. 

Our Donations campaigns are flexible, meaning that any amount of funds raised will be captured and transferred to the creator. Only organisations with a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) are currently eligible.

Prohibited Rewards or Projects 

For legal reasons, Pozible prohibits project creators from offering certain items as rewards, including:

  • Sexually Explicit Material or Offers - You can’t offer sexually explicit material, conduct or services as rewards. 

  • Financial Rewards - You can’t allow the selling of shares, provide direct financial rewards or profit sharing. Raising investment funds or providing financial incentives is explicitly prohibited. 

  • Raffles or Gaming Prizes - You can’t offer entries in raffles, competitions or other gambling services, stakes or odds as rewards.

  • Illegal or Restricted Items - You can’t offer rewards including (but not limited to) illegal or restricted items such as weapons, drugs or prescription medications.

Please note: ANY project violating these guidelines will not be approved and the listing removed. Please contact us with any questions. 

Alcohol as a Reward 

If a project creator wishes to offer alcohol or wine as a reward for a pledge, there are certain guidelines that have to be met to ensure that the project creator does not break the law. Here are some things to remember: 

  • Offering alcoholic beverages as a reward for a pledge is the same as selling alcohol and requires the project creator to have an appropriate licence.

  • The number of their licence must be clearly displayed on their project page.

  • Alcoholic beverages may only be offered as a reward to people who pledge within Australia.

Various states have different laws regarding trading wine and alcohol. Make sure you know your state's laws and if (and where) you are allowed to sell alcohol. You should also consider the following:

  • When alcohol is delivered as a reward, you - or your postal agent - must obtain the signature of an adult (over 18 years of age).

  • Many states have very specific laws based on the quantity and type of alcohol being posted.

  • Project creators should describe the signature and postage requirements for alcoholic beverages as a reward on their project page.

  • Many states require that carriers have licenses to transport alcohol.

  • Your carrier must be capable of obtaining the required signature. Australia Post is unable to solicit age verification upon delivery of an item.

Additional state-specific information:

Alcohol in the USA 

Offering alcoholic beverages as a reward for a pledge to your Pozible project in the USA is the same as selling alcohol. Pozible requires the project creator to have an appropriate liquor licence or sales permit applicable under all relevant state and federal law. 

Alcohol in Other Countries 

Offering alcoholic beverages as a reward for a pledge to your Pozible project in places besides Australia and the USA is the same as selling alcohol. Pozible requires the project creator to have an appropriate liquor licence or sales permit applicable under all relevant regional and national law. 

Member Conduct 

Keep your messages brief and courteous and provide feedback in a constructive manner. Posted comments and messages are viewable publicly; be mindful of this! Obscene or unreasonable posts will be deleted. If necessary, members’ accounts can be suspended if their individual conduct undermines what should be a positive experience for all. Pozible is about building a community around shared inspiration - inspire each other. Play nice.


  • You must be over 18 years of age to create a project on Pozible.

  • You must have a residential address, a contact phone number, bank account and an internationally recognised form of photographic ID (i.e. passport, driver’s license). The copy/scan you provide should be complete and show current validity. Be mindful to make your Date Of Birth clearly visible.

Promoting Your Project 

Pozible users must observe copyright and intellectual property law. Project creators may not post copyright material without appropriate rights. Infringing material brought to our attention will be investigated. Do everything you can to promote your project, but know no one likes a spammer. Check before you hit ‘Send’ on a bulk mail to your supporters - it’s not just annoying, it could be illegal. Know your responsibilities within the laws for online marketing in your area. Everyone must accept our Terms and Conditions of use and Privacy Policy. Violating these could lead to your account or project being suspended (while we sort it out with you) or even removed from the website.

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