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What happens if I don't hit my target?
What happens if I don't hit my target?
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One of the things that makes us so unique is our all-or-nothing crowdfunding model. 

There are two types of crowdfunding; all-or-nothing and flexible funding.

Flexible funding allows project creators to receive anything that is raised at the end of a campaign.

All-or-nothing campaigns require project creators to set a funding target at the start of their project. This cannot be changed once the project is up and running. If they reach or exceed the target amount, they get all the money raised. If they don’t hit their target, they get nothing.

The main reason we choose to crowdfund this way is that it works better for our creators. Hear us out! We believe creators know the most about what it will take to make their project a reality, and only receiving a fraction of their target amount is not going to be enough for them to be able to complete their project. By having to set a realistic target, they only have to complete their project if they are successful in receiving sufficient financial support.  

This way, when a campaign is successful, project creators know they have enough funds to complete what they have promised and to fulfil all reward commitments. 

As well as this, all-or-nothing crowdfunding projects generate something more valuable than the actual funds – they generate a community of people all invested in seeing a project succeed!

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