Congratulations on running a successful Pozible campaign!

PayPal payments are transferred once your project successfully reaches its target and are available to you almost instantly.

If there have been no declined pledges, payments made by credit card will be transferred after the campaign grace period ends in one lump amount. 

If there have been some failed pledges once your campaign reaches its target, we notify the supporter with daily emails up until the 7-day grace period following the end of your campaign finishes. This 7 day grace-period is designed to give you time to contact any supporters with failed pledges and organise a re-pledge or payment by another method. After all the declined pledges have been resolved, or the 7 day grace period is over, the funds will be transferred to you in one lump amount.

Once we transfer the funds on our end, it can take 3 - 5 business days for bank merchants to process the payments; this is beyond our capacity to influence.

If you are concerned about where your pledges have ended up, contact us and we will update you on the progress of your account.

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