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What happens if my campaign fails?
What happens if my campaign fails?
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Part of the risk of crowdfunding is that not all campaigns are successful. We can support your idea and teach you as much as we know about crowdfunding, however it will be up to you and your supporters to get it across the line. 

If your campaign is unsuccessful, there are no financial requirements. No pledges are processed, and you pay no fees to Pozible. You do not have to honour any rewards promised, though it might be nice to thank people for their support whether you were successful or not!

Remember, crowdfunding isn't just about money. Whether you reach your target goal or not, you may still have successfully reached a lot of interested people, built a community, and learned a lot. You can relaunch or make a new version of the campaign with the insights you gain from your previous projects.

Talk to the pros - book a chat with the Pozible campaign success team.

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