What are the fees?

All the fees associated with running a Pozible crowdfunding campaign.

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Pozible is a success-based platform, meaning our fees are only applicable on the completion of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Platform Fees:

All-Or-Nothing campaigns:

5% of total funds pledged + additional shipping costs

Donations campaigns:

Zero platform fees - supporters have the option to leave a tip

(transaction fees still apply)

Waitlist campaigns:

Free tool to capture early-stage interest before launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Transaction Fees:

(charged per pledge)

  • Australia — 1.75% + 30c (Australian card) / 3.4% + 30c (international card)

  • New Zealand — 3% + 30c

  • US USD — 3% + 30c

  • UK GBP — 3% + 30c

  • Singapore — 3.5% + 30c

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