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I want to cancel (or delete) my campaign
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If your campaign is not yet live you can delete your campaign by following the steps below depicted in screenshots.

If you are wanting to cancel your live campaign because you aren't receiving the support you had hoped for, or the project seems to be lagging, remember that every crowdfunding follows a similar trend of high pledge activity early and late in the campaign - with little activity in the middle. This is normal! Book in for a phone chat if you are concerned, we can talk you through some steps you can do in this time.

If you want to cancel and relaunch a new campaign, that's fine. It isn't a bad idea to ride out your original campaign to the end. You may gain insights on the process.

Finally, if you're sure you want to cancel your campaign, then contact us. Make sure you include a link to your campaign. We'll take it from there.

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